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Organisation and Business Culture Consulting

Steve Cottee and his team of culture change consultants work with strong leaders to help shape culture and to identify and solve cultural issues. Our culture change consulting services are appropriate where organisational values and culture no longer align with desired behaviours, strategies or outcomes.

The types of challenge we help with can include issues with productivity that aren't directly operational, staff disputes, low morale and high staff turnover, as well as more fundamental communication issues. Sometimes the symptoms can be subtle, othertimes they can be severe. We will work with you to discover the nature of any issues you face and together implement appropriate and lasting solutions.

Expected Results and Benefits of Culture Change

Culture Change results in a broad cascade of benefits. A positive culture can greatly reduce stress, resulting in fewer sick-days, increased energy and enthusiasm, greater morale and loyalty, as well as increased productivity and innovation. These factors combine with a clarity of vision and clear strategic path to result in a stronger brand, greater competitive edge and more easily sustained growth. The long-term results are clear: organisations with strong positive cultures simply last longer and are better positioned to survive economic downturns, allowing you to confidently prepare for your exit strategy safe in the knowledge that your organisation is well prepared for a bright future.

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We specialise in culture change for three sectors

Non-Profit Organisations (including schools and charities)

Operations and culture within NPOs can be quite different to business ecosystems. Individuals are typically motivated by a desire to help others and KPIs are not necessarily based on growth or profit. As a former headteacher, Steve has a deep understanding of such environments and his core techniques were developed through his cultural realignment work with 54 schools in Dorset. The methodology largely remains the same, but implementation details will be tailored to your individual needs.

High Growth SMEs

Scaling Start-ups
SMEs typically start with a small number of highly enthusiastic people, who are often experts in the service or products they provide. However, scaling up can present a wide range of issues and culture is rarely on a start-up's agenda. We will help guide you through the process of discovering your values and realigning your culture, providing the appropriate knowledge and training to help your company continue its growth.

Scaling Established SMEs
Sometimes an established SME is brought under new management who recognise the company's potential and implement a growth plan. While such plans will typically cover operational and financial aspects, the human side is easily overlooked. It's human nature to resist change, but it's important to get everyone on-board to achieve real growth that will meet true potential. We will work closely with you to ensure your culture is properly aligned to support your growth.


We work with directors, executives and HR professionals to align and develop positive culture to support performance and longevity in large organisations. We audit culture and provide training to all levels of staff to address factors including individual and team performance, morale, communication, leadership, and accountability. We also help with the cultural side of acquisitions and mergers, to ensure your teams appropriately align with new structures and corporate strategies.

4 steps to a Positive Culture



We will help you understand your current culture and pressure points.


Design & Plan

Together we will design a new culture that fits your ambitions and plan how to get there.



We will put in place your customised plan, supporting all your staff development needs.



Your team will be well-prepared to lead and troubleshoot, keeping you on track.

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Culture Change Consulting Process Overview

To make it easier for you to get started, here is an outline of the steps involved in our full culture change service. There is a great deal of flexibility in what we can offer you and together we will tailor a solution that fits your specific needs. The generalisations that follow fit with most SMEs, but culture change in larger enterprises can also be approached in a similar way - please contact us for further information.

Free Initial Consultation

After initial contact, we will arrange time for Steve to speak with one or two of your senior executives to discuss your specific needs. Here we examine any areas of concern you may have about your current culture and what we can offer to help you and your organisation. This forms the basis of your personalised plan which identifies the next step (usually an audit), and an estimate of the later steps (usually divided into a selection of training sessions) as well as a timescale. We do not charge for this step and your plan is of course obligation-free.

Step 1: Culture Audit

Most consultations require an audit to examine existing culture and to identify any areas of concern. This involves direct contact with all levels of your staff, usually through a combination of surveys and interviews. If you already have internal staff surveys we can use these too. Deployment is flexible and you can conduct these yourselves if you wish. However, it's important to realise that we need raw employee feedback and most of our clients recognise the power of an impartial external auditor to collect genuine results. The outcome of this step is an anonymised report and discussion with senior executives, together with a revised plan of the next steps based on the results.

Step 2: Design & Plan - Value and Culture Definition

The purpose of this step is to design and / or discover the values and culture of your organisation, which will become the focus of the main implementation phase. There are several approaches to this and we will take you through the most appropriate. It generally involves examining your core beliefs and where you want your organisation to be going. Ideally, we will build on and strengthen aspects of your current culture and feed in some of the results from the audit. The outcome is a clear vision for your organisation with well-defined and aligned values and culture. We will also agree on the implementation plan.

Step 3: Culture Change Implementation

This is the main phase of putting into practice the changes required to provide your desired outcomes. This typically involves a mixture of facilitated training sessions, one-to-one meetings, workshops and mentoring programmes. The subjects will cover whatever topics are needed to adjust your old culture to your new culture, and typically includes aspects such as developing critical communication pathways, emotional literacy, management approaches and middle-management training. An important aspect of this stage is the formation and training of your change implementation group which is an in-house team who will champion your new approach, identify and resolve issues and ensure your results are sustainable.

Step 4: Maintenance

It's important to realise that any change will result in attempts at relapse. This is simply human nature and needs to be anticipated and handled sympathetically. Your internal change implementation group is key here. We will schedule checkpoints for us to return and ensure your processes are running smoothly and your goals remain secure.

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Your next step

In our experience, most organisations can benefit from a close examination of their culture. If you already have concerns or are facing clear issues, we highly recommend that you contact someone sooner rather than later, as problems can build up and become harder to solve.

If you choose to contact us, we will send you an email to arrange a time to speak with Steve. Your initial consultation will be all about you, listening to the issues you face and to see how we can help.

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