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9 Benefits of a great organisational culture

Staff Wellbeing

Healthier staff are also more cost effective, have greater energy and morale


Staff loyalty fuels enthusiasm and rubs off on customers

Staff Rentention

Keep valuable staff, reduce training costs and expand more easily

Competitive Edge

Efficiency, innovation, growth potential keep you ahead of the competition


Greater efficiency, lower costs, happier customers, greater profits


Your empowered teams have the freedom to innovate and create

Stronger Brand

Establish an emotional connection with customers who align with your values


Your organisation is more resilient and successful over the long-term


All the key benefits come together to power and sustain your growth

Do you want these benefits?

Your culture is your greatest asset

Steve and his team of culture change consultants work with leaders to rediscover core values and realign culture. The culture change process is about listening to you and your staff to discover what your organisation is really about and providing you and your teams with the means to make it happen. This typically involves clarifying and strengthening key communication pathways, providing training and support at all levels, and developing an in-house team to ensure you continue to receive the full benefits of your culture change.

4 steps to a positive culture



We will help you understand your current culture and pressure points.


Design & Plan

Together we will design a new culture that fits your ambitions and plan how to get there.



We will put in place your customised plan, supporting all your staff development needs.



Your team will be well-prepared to lead and troubleshoot, keeping you on track.

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About corporate culture change

What is culture change?

Culture is the social side of a network of people, their beliefs and interactions. Culture Change is about adjusting this network so that communication is more effective and beliefs match with organisational goals and strategy. A Culture Change Consultant helps identify strengths and weaknesses, develop core values, and maintain the results.

Why is it important?

Poor culture can lead to high levels of stress, which directly impacts employee (and leader) health and wellbeing. Communication issues, stressed individuals and other cultural aspects can lead to poor growth and even lost customers. Culture is an important identifier in the long-term success of a business.

What results can you expect?

Culture Change results in a cascade of benefits. Clarity of communication, adjustment of values, result in reduced stress, higher motivation and energy. The result is that your teams are more efficient at their jobs, more innovative and resilient. This means you can grow faster, achieve greater profits and lead in the long-term.

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Steve Cottee, Culture Change Consultant

About Steve Cottee

Steve's passion is helping people. He is an expert culture change consultant, though his background was in education for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. He developed and ran a highly successful school outreach programme where he would develop plans for specific children but also optimise the running of entire schools. This was how he developed his culture change programme, which forms the basis of our culture change consulting services.

"I've always been interested in people, how they work and how they interact. While businesses rely on set processes, it's important to realise that it's people who run these.

Being a head teacher had its rewards, but I found my influence was much more narrow in scope. I want to be able to help more organisations to reach their potential and to really thrive."

Steve is now returning to his core passion by leading a team of culture change consultants to help businesses grow.

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Steve Cottee, Culture Change Consultant